Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia

DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 13 September 2014


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08:30 Registration
Refreshments sponsored by
09:00 Welcome & Housekeeping
09:15 An Actor's Life for Me – An introduction to the TPL Dataflow Library and asynchronous programming blocks
Liam Westley
Github Automation
Forbes Lindsay
OWIN, Katana and ASP.NET vNext: eliminating the pain of IIS
David Simner
A Unit Testing Swiss Army Knife
Adam Kosinski
Taking your craft seriously with F#
Tomas Petricek
10:15 Break
10:35 Embracing DevOps at JUST EAT, within a Microsoft platform
Peter Mounce
Building Skynet: Machine learning for software developers
Anthony Brown
Functional DDD
Alessandro Melchiori
Super charging your JavaScript development experience
Chris Canal
Beyond responsive design - UI for the modern web application
Pete Smith
11:35 Break
11:55 Performance is a Feature!
Matt Warren
Decoupling from ASP.NET - Hexagonal Architectures in .NET
Ian Cooper
So you want to be a Tech Lead? 10 things you need to do to succeed.
Joel Hammond-Turner
All Your Types Are Belong To Us
Phil Trelford
Disney-Driven Development
Melinda Seckington
12:55 Lunch
Grok Talks sponsored by
14:00 Keeping it responsive - cross-platform MVVM with ReactiveUI
Sam Hogarth
NServiceBus: introduction to a message based distributed architecture
Mauro Servienti
The vNext Big Thing
Mark Rendle
A Brief Introduction to Making your own (Internet of Things) Thing
Stephen Harrison
Data Science for Fun and Profit
Gary Short
15:00 Break
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15:20 Using F# for Line of Business Applications
Ian Russell
What Developers Need To Know About Visual Design
Ben Hall
Architecture - why so serious?
Barbara Fusinska
Scream If You Want To Go Faster
Bart Read
Build Great Software for the Enterprise and Love it
Kendall Miller
16:20 Break
16:30 Wrap-up
17:00 Drinks Reception sponsored by
18:00 Close